Getting The First-Hand Work Experience at Project Child Indonesia

by Dyah Prajnandhari (Content Writer Intern)

Coming all way from New York, United States, Jasmine Berger, is happy to have cultural and work experiences here at Project Child Indonesia. After getting accepted into Princeton University, she had a chance to do a gap year program funded by her university. She is staying in Yogyakarta for nine months along with her friends in the same program.

Throughout her five months in Project Child since October, she has done many things with Project Child. After meeting around 70 volunteers in her first batch of the program, she conducted interviews with them and compiled their profiles in a book. She is also able to experience Indonesian culture when she went to different schools in the programs.

“To have experience living in a foreign country and structured work cultures definitely enrich my perspective on life,” 

Jasmine, who is planning to take Public Policy as her major, saying that doing an internship here also broadens her global perspectives. “Because I’m interning in an international NGO, the experiences and people I meet would be different.” Although she has experiences in doing an internship in another place such as Planned Parenthood, she always has different feelings for each place. The benefit of getting first-hand work experiences such as here would be great exposure for her. Such well-known NGOs like Project Child also offers her a chance to meet many people and have good networking.

“If I were given a chance to go back, I would like to go back, because Project Child is a strong community which everyone has the sense of belonging here and I feel that,” 

Spending nearly five months here is not a short time. Certainly, she has gained many memories, and as they said, every memory is precious. Even so, Jasmine still has an experience that will remain in her mind. One day, at the end of a class of a program, a farewell party was held for everyone. “Everyone was crying when they knew it was the end of the program and I feel what Project Child did was really making a real impact for everyone,” 

It is one of Project Child’s values to facilitate volunteers in many kinds of ways. Besides giving a chance for them to teach children who are needed, having the real experience of working in organized work culture is also a good thing for young people like Jasmine Berger.

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