Contributing for Coastal Area with Sekolah Pantai

Written By Riza Nurul Afsari, Program Coordinator Sekolah Pantai

My name is Riza and I am a Program Coordinator at Sekolah Pantai Program. I am a person who is interested in participating in new activities. I can’t do monotonous activities because I believe that an experience will not come if we do not pick it up. The experience gave me more knowledge and many friends. The new friends make me learn many things. I probably did not get knowledge about life in formal school, but obtained it from a social activity.

I am concerned to see the bad habits of the people who throw garbage at the beach and catch fish with explosives that damage coral reefs. As we know, there is no curriculum in formal schools that teach us about queuing culture, be friendly, respect the work of others, and carry out environmental care activities, even though we need to have empathy for others and the environment. That is why I am joining Project Child and taking part in teaching at a Sekolah Pantai Program so that children around the coastal area can have better knowledge about how to preserve the environment and help one another in need.

I saw my college friend take part in a teaching program in the Sekolah Sungai Program at Code river. I am willing to participate in such activities, then I found out that Project Child Indonesia also has a program in Pacitan called Sekolah Pantai. I applied for an intern position in January 2020 and took an interview. Thankfully I was given the opportunity to become a program coordinator who would later hold a campaign to several schools in Pacitan.

I am responsible to help the Program Manager on executing the Ocean Conservation Campaign (OCC), from conceptualizing, preparing, and ensuring that the volunteers complete their task. Moreover, I and the Program Manager often visit several local government offices and partner schools to make an agreement on the campaign schedule. The OCC team consists of 4 volunteers: Winda, Dhimas, Tiwi, and Duan. We already prepared many things such as made dance moves for flash mobs and made properties for campaign props. We also prepared a mascot for the campaign: a turtle named Pici (Penyu PCI/PCI’s turtle). We made Pici from used cardboard, raffia ropes and used helmets. We implemented the recycle system to make all the campaign props as the part of the campaign. Unfortunately, we have to postpone the campaign in schools because of Covid-19 outbreak and change it into a video campaign on instagram.

Besides being a Program coordinator, I also help to teach dance every Sunday morning because the children were very enthusiastic about the activity. I am able to dance and have experiences performing traditional dance, so I am very happy to help. The children are ready to perform and it is planned that the children will perform on car free day to support the Water Day campaign but we canceled it because of Covid-19.

I have some memorable experiences for me, such as when the kids learned to dance they didn’t want to go home when class was over. I can also learn surfing at Teleng Ria Beach. One thing that is interesting for me is that I can enter the Pancer Door beach area without paying a ticket because I have an ID card as an intern at Sekolah Pantai. Finally, I am glad to be a part of Project Child as an intern and contribute for Pacitan with the Sekolah Pantai Program. 

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