The Organization. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We have always been captivated by the simple idea that each individual ‘can just do good’.

Project Child Indonesia is a locally-run, community-based NGO, working to alleviate poverty in the coastal and riverside communities of Indonesia. These communities are most vulnerable concerning natural disasters and increasing pollution.

The vision of Project Child is for every child in Indonesia to have the opportunity to learn, to have a healthy start, and to feel supported and secure living in a clean environment that is prepared for natural disasters.

The Sekolah Pantai (Beach School) and Sekolah Sungai (River School) focus on teaching children about basic health and the environment. In doing so, Project Child passionately promotes and empowers Indonesian and international volunteers to ensure the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of the children and wider community. The organization is founded on a belief that every individual can help another in their own way. Project Child is driven by honesty, accountability and community participation.

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