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Sekolah Sungai (SS)

Sekolah Sungai is an alternative school for children living in riverside area. This program teaches children about environment, health, and disaster awareness through English lesson once a week. Right now, Project Child has three community teaching sites; Winongo River , Code River, and  Gadjah Wong River, scheduled at Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday respectively.

By joining this program, volunteers are expected to :

  1. Giving lesson to children (5-13 years old) once a week
  2. Build teaching materials (PCI provides the syllabus), and
  3. Hold educational event with the children

Drinking Water Program (DWP)

In 2016, Project Child Indonesia aims to provide access to healthy drinking water for approximately 3000 children by installing water filter system for 24 public schools in Jogja and Pacitan. In order to make the program sustainable, Project Child is allowed by schools to give lesson to students (9-11 years old) about environment, health, and disaster awareness through English lesson once a week. Right now in Jogja, Project Child has already 15 schools installed with the system.

By joining this program, volunteers are expected to :

  1. Giving lesson to children (9-11 years old) once a week
  2. Build teaching materials (PCI provides the syllabus), and
  3. Monitoring the water filter system by joining Drinking Water Committee.

Internet Literacy Program (ILP)

The internet literacy program is taught to students in Yogyakarta and Pacitan. Not only will they learn about using the internet for research on school subjects but also learn how to utilize the internet in privacy and disaster preparedness and response. Project Child’s goal is to have over 3,000 children trained on internet literacy by 2017.

Volunteer duties are as follows:

  1. Teach internet literacy curriculum to children in Jogja.
  2. Help with the translation from English to Bahasa Indonesia for teaching materials.
  3. Make new friends and new professional contacts.
  4. Become a new leader in the new and emerging world of digital literacy!

Fundraising Team

Fundraising is a series of event and campaign to collect donation and funding for supporting PCI’s programs. by joining this team, volunteers are expected to:

  1. hold a fundraising events
  2. create a fundraising campaign

Media & IT Team

Media & IT Team is one of the most important supporting unit for Project Child Indonesia. This team responsible for every visual identity aspects of PCI (graphic design and photography) and maintaining PCI’s Website and Social media Accounts. Media & IT Team is now opening an opportunity for every interested individual to be:

  1. photographer
  2. graphic designer
  3. videographer (or video editor)
  4. content writer
  5. social media manager
  6. web developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. It’s a perfect way to connect with the grassroots, make friends, exploring your passion, and learn about how kindness transforms lives of others by serving people!
By volunteering you will get:

  • Make friends and broaden networking opportunities with people from various places and backgrounds.
  • Learning by trying something new, discover hidden talents, practice skills and gaining confidence through serving people.
  • New experiences in working with children and local communities.
  • New experiences in working in an international atmosphere.
  • Opportunity to make a difference and deliver the positive impact to the community.
  • New skills and qualifications beyond what you learn at school or work.
  • It’s fun!

What is (are) the difference(s) between volunteering in SS and DWP?

In SS, volunteers teach children in their riverside community. In DWP, volunteers teach students in their class at school. In SS, each teaching site is handled by 7-8 volunteers. In DWP, each public school is handled by two volunteers. But basically it is the same thing, volunteers are expected to teach children (mostly elementary student) about health, environment, and disaster awareness through English lesson.

But I do not have any experience teaching children/student/classes, Do I get some kind of training?

Yes, Project Child will give you the training you need before you engage with the kids.

Do I need to be in Yogyakarta to be a volunteer?

Yes, you should. Because our Sekolah Sungai and Drinking Water Program are located in Yogyakarta, so it will be easier for you if you live in Yogyakarta during your volunteering time. We also have several volunteers from Semarang, Boyolali, Solo, etc. and they do just fine.

I am not confident enough with my English, so…

It’s okay. Project Child will be your place to develop your English and confidence. We require only intermediate level of English, so if you think you are brave enough to speak English, hit that ‘Register’ button because we seek passionate people.

It is volunteering, why do you need to interview the potential volunteer?

Because we have limited quota for volunteers and we want to have a chat to know you further.

How many hours per week that PCI demands from the volunteers?

Teaching activities, building material, creating lesson plan, and having fun with the programs will take only 6 hours a week.

There are several working sites within Project Child Indonesia programs. Do I have to teach at all sites and programs?

For each program, volunteer will decide the program site by themselves according to their schedule and the program’s schedule.

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