PCI Alumni Story: Everything is Possible

by Dyah Prajnandhari (Content Writer Intern)

When you dream of something, you may wonder whether you can make it real. Dijwo, a Project Child alumnus now living in Dortmund, Germany, showed that everything is possible. After graduating from Industrial Engineering at Universitas Gadjah Mada, he self-funded himself to pursue a master’s degree at Fachhochschule Dortmund majoring in Project Management in Germany.  

He went to Germany without any scholarship, so he made up his mind to find some money for living. “I did everything I could do, even to sell popcorn at Disney,” he recalled. He did not even feel embarrassed for doing those jobs. “I had to support myself financially, so I did what I could do.”

He currently works as a Project Manager Assistant in a company after climbing his career ladder. To become what he is right now, he has many experiences, even when he was in Indonesia. “I was once a member of the fundraising division in a project at my university.” This is what brings him to his position now. “You need experiences in organizations or volunteering so that you will know how teamwork works.” 

He then shared some tips for everyone about living and studying in Germany. “You need to sort it out what you really want.  Educate yourself with the information about the country, the city, and the things on it before you go there. If you want to look for jobs after finishing your study, you need to search for it since you’re in university.” He also said that the circle of friends are essential. “I make friends with many people, especially people from there.” Having friends of different cultures is also beneficial for him, as he then developed open mindedness and flexibility. Although it’s not always easy for living abroad, but Mas Djiwo encourages us that everyone actually is able to do it.