Out of love, I Care and Serve Others

Written by Rut Dwi Ardiyantini (Volunteer Sekolah Sungai Code)

Hey, call me Ruth. I am a final year student, majoring in Social Development and Welfare, FISIPOL UGM batch 2016. Now I am a volunteer in one of NGOs in Yogyakarta, namely Project Child Indonesia. I joined batch #30. I have started this volunteer for about 2 months and will continue until June 2020. At Project Child Indonesia, I joined Sekolah Sungai team. Surprised and happy when I heard the good news, that I was accepted as a volunteer at that time. I thank for being given an extraordinary opportunity and trust for me to be able to learn, grow, and develop together with Project Child Indonesia. Of course I’m very grateful to be a small part of this cool NGO.

Being a volunteer means caring and willing to serve. But the basis of both is love. Love, caring and serving are related. Out of love I care. Out of love, I wanna serve and benefit for others. The law of love in the Bible, especially on Matthew 22:39 states that “Love your neighbor as for yourself.” It means love others as we love ourselves. There are still many of us who are less fortunate like us who have enough, those who are in need and need our help. Loving is my basis for serving, because serving without love becomes a pointless thing. If we have based ourselves with love there must be a sense of caring and willingness to serve sincerely. This also relates to the motto owned by Project Child Indonesia, “every one can do good.” Yes, everyone can do good that can be started from the simple thing that is caring. Care will move the heart to want to serve others by helping each other and making positive changes. Serving others means having great care for others.

Through Sekolah Sungai Program, volunteers and interns did the services to vulnerable communities in the river side in Yogyakarta, namely Code, Winongo, and Gajahwong river. I am involved in the Sekolah Sungai Code team. Together with the team, I do service to the Code river side community. We educate all layers of the society including children, parents, and community leaders about health, environment and disaster prevention. The education is intended to raise community awareness about matters relating to those 3 issues, which is can bring to positive change for the community itself. When educating, I participated in the process of community development. I socialize, participate and contribute directly to the community. I am happy to be able to benefit others through volunteer activities that are useful.

During doing this volunteer activity, I learned many things and got the benefits that I felt. Project Child Indonesia has taught me about commitment, responsibility and good teamwork. I feel happy to meet, make new friends and also new family with people from various places and backgrounds, we share our story each other. From that I get broaden networking opportunities. I also get new experiences in working in an international atmosphere and get insights from many learning that held by Project Child Indonesia, such as through self-development and bonding activities. Beside that, Project Chil Indonesia help me on practice and improve my leadership skills and other skills. All of that can help me in developing my capacity to be even better. I hope in the end, through this volunteering activity, I get a better life learning and understanding that I have never had before.

Message from me as a volunteer is “serving with love will create a sense of caring, gratitude, sincerity, and comfort in serving others.” That will certainly makes volunteering activities become fun and good.