Balancing Your Life with Reciting Al Quran in Project Child Indonesia

by Dyah Prajnandhari (Content Writer Intern)

In order to bring spiritual balance in your life, you may do various activities such as yoga, taking a walk, or reading books. Others may go with religious activities like attending a service or coming to places of worship. To be close to God is believed to be one of the ways to gain peace in their life. by

In Project Child, we facilitate the interns and volunteers to take a break from their busy life and sit for a while to find the balance that we all need. Held on Friday every week, Reciting Quran is one of the mediums for the interns and volunteers to take a chance to learn more about the Holy Book. The activity is not always reciting, but also discovering more about teachings of Quran that have not been taught before.

This club doesn’t focus only on the activity of reciting but also discusses fundamental topics of the Quran, such as the history of it, Tajweed, or known as the set of rules of correct pronunciation and Makhorijul Letters or explanation of the pronunciation of the letter hijaiyah.

Nadhia Dheany Pramesti or Nadhia, one of the interns from the Sekolah Sungai program, surely enjoyed this weekly club. She said she is happy that PCI initiated this club.

“This club helps me to learn more about the Quran. I am content that PCI offers us with this club so that I don’t have to find it outside anymore.”

A volunteer from the Drinking Water Program, Muhammad Chanif Hidayat or Hanif, also expressed that he feels glad about this club. “This is a good program as I usually only see this kind of program in Islamic High Schools.”

Both of them said that they had chances to learn how to recite the Quran in different ways; for example, how people outside Indonesia recite Al-Fatihah differently because they are taught to read it differently. It helps them to understand that Islam teachings are different, although every Muslim has the Quran as the fundamental source of the teachings. They also liked subjects like Makhorijul Letters, because it wasn’t the usual material that they learn in schools. 

Nadia and Hanif wish that this club would benefit them in the future.

“We always learn something in this club.”

Although the club is on hold for a while because of the self-quarantine policy that PCI has to stop the spread of COVID-19, it surely would be back with more various teachings that every member of the club hasn’t discovered yet. 

PCI Alumni Story: Everything is Possible

by Dyah Prajnandhari (Content Writer Intern)

When you dream of something, you may wonder whether you can make it real. Dijwo, a Project Child alumnus now living in Dortmund, Germany, showed that everything is possible. After graduating from Industrial Engineering at Universitas Gadjah Mada, he self-funded himself to pursue a master’s degree at Fachhochschule Dortmund majoring in Project Management in Germany.  

He went to Germany without any scholarship, so he made up his mind to find some money for living. “I did everything I could do, even to sell popcorn at Disney,” he recalled. He did not even feel embarrassed for doing those jobs. “I had to support myself financially, so I did what I could do.”

He currently works as a Project Manager Assistant in a company after climbing his career ladder. To become what he is right now, he has many experiences, even when he was in Indonesia. “I was once a member of the fundraising division in a project at my university.” This is what brings him to his position now. “You need experiences in organizations or volunteering so that you will know how teamwork works.” 

He then shared some tips for everyone about living and studying in Germany. “You need to sort it out what you really want.  Educate yourself with the information about the country, the city, and the things on it before you go there. If you want to look for jobs after finishing your study, you need to search for it since you’re in university.” He also said that the circle of friends are essential. “I make friends with many people, especially people from there.” Having friends of different cultures is also beneficial for him, as he then developed open mindedness and flexibility. Although it’s not always easy for living abroad, but Mas Djiwo encourages us that everyone actually is able to do it.  

Keeping Up The Enthusiasm with “Volunteer of The Week”

by Dyah Prajnandhari (Content Writer Intern)

Volunteer of the Week is one of Project Child’s programs to appreciate the volunteers’ efforts during their time in Project Child. Initiated by the Human Capital Department, this program is organized to improve volunteer enthusiasm. Those volunteers are chosen because of their activeness, initiative, and high participation in their respective programs. They are also bringing positive energy into their workplaces, making it fun to interact with them. In February, we have Devania Mandalika from Sekolah Sungai, Annas Izzulhaq from Drinking Water Program, and Asdinar Galuh Wahdini from Sekolah Pantai.

To understand how they were able to get the award, we need to know what activities they do in their respective program. Annas, who is assigned in the operational team in the Drinking Water Program, said that he is mostly working on the preparation of the roadshows that DWP planned.

Annas is one of the volunteers in Drinking Water Program

“I’m usually preparing the equipment that we need for the roadshow.”

Apart from that, Deva from Sekolah Sungai, explains that she usually design the study plan and make the rundown for their visit to the schools. “I like designing plans and writing, so I would take notes when I have meetings. I also made the rundown for our visit to Sekolah Sungai Winongo.”

On the other hand, what Dinar does in Sekolah Pantai is not that different from what Deva and Annas do. She and her team also teach children about environmental, health, and disaster educational campaigns, such as doing experiments on the water to educate them to differentiate clean and dirty water. They also have a sex education class, which surely helps the children to understand better about themselves.

All of them didn’t expect that they would get the award. Dinar and Annas expressed that they are quite shocked by the award. “I even didn’t know there was an event like this.” said Dinar.

She also expressed that meeting with the children and making other volunteers were the things that made her happy, even without the award. Deva is also clueless when she is awarded by Volunteer of the Week. “I didn’t even know I got this award before my friend told me.” She also said that this is an excellent program as it can boost the enthusiasm of fellow volunteers.

For accomplishing the award, one of the considerations is the positive value you bring to the work environment, whether it is for the children or the other volunteers. Dinar shared what she usually does in Sekolah Pantai.

Dinar is one of the volunteers in Sekolah Pantai

“I do everything with a positive mindset like everyone does, although I have been doing it even before I got here.”

She also always shares her brightest smile when she is on duty. “If you put your heart into whatever you do, you will enjoy it.”

Deva also thinks the same.

Deva is one of the volunteers from Sekolah Sungai. She is on the right side wearing black colored hijab.

“I don’t do anything special, but I stay true to myself. “

She continued, “I don’t feel embarrassed when I constantly ask questions about something that I don’t know. I am also a tireless person.”  Lastly, they hope that the other volunteers will always do good deeds, even outside PCI. Dinar gives us the important message, “Give your best effort for everything.” They also wish that all the arranged projects would be successful. “I sincerely wish that our planned projects will run smoothly.”

Every volunteer in PCI is indeed doing a good job. “Volunteer of The Week” is an appreciation for everyone, including those who aren’t awarded. Great job, everyone!