I Don’t Get Paid to Be Awesome

by Witri Utami (Sekolah Sungai Volunteer)

  Sherry Anderson once said, “Volunteers do not get paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless”.

     A volunteer is also known as an unpaid worker. When it comes to volunteering, the only requirements that we should have are passion and positivity. The positivity comes from the positive attitude, it is shown when our mind is looking for valuable action that we can do for everyone. While passion is about the willingness and effort to do it continuously, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Tami is the one who is wearing black hijab

     My name is Witri Utami, I just graduated from a private university, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, majoring in law. I had never been involved in volunteer activities and decided to do it when my friends told me about their experience involved in volunteering at Project Child Indonesia. Then, I tried to find out more about volunteer activities on Project Child Indonesia through social media and followed the selection process. One of the interesting things about Project Child Indonesia is the friendliness of its members that make us comfortable to interact with each other. They welcome new members in a fun and educational way, which can be seen from a welcoming party session that is filled by a sharing session and then followed by some activities that can unite one another.

     Project Child Indonesia offers volunteer opportunities which consists of some divisions and one of them is Sekolah Sungai. Sekolah Sungai has numerous projects where we are able to increase our social engagement skills. We conduct activities for the society in certain areas to provide additional knowledge that will be useful for their daily life. Also, we have projects for children such as learning class and Pasar Mandiri which was conducted last month. We believe that school is not enough for social learning, as we are aware that the main purpose of school is providing an academic aspect.

     Project Child Indonesia tries to help the children of the younger generation to learn about social engagement where children will pay attention to how to do everything with sincerity, like helping others through volunteering. Volunteering in Project Child Indonesia is not only about having a connection to the community or committing activities together, but also benefiting us as we have various self-development programs as a tool for us to develop ourselves. Self-development is not only for personal interests, but also to familiarize themselves with each other.

     As Kofi Annan said, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the others for helping others.”

     That is the value that I got in Project Child Indonesia as long as I become a volunteer. Volunteering as a family where we are working together to spread kindness through useful activities. It can transform yourself to become a responsible person. Furthermore, it is one of the ways to boost your personality. 

PCI’s Welcoming Party: Where It All Begins

by Dyah Prajnandhari (Content Writer Intern)

Volunteering, although it may sound a bit ludicrous for some, even so people will always get the benefits of it. Getting the priceless experience, practicing soft skills that you have learnt in school, gaining opportunities to meet many people from different backgrounds, making connections, and many other reasons that you can name it. Above all, volunteering can help you improve your personal development if you put your heart into it. 

Project Child Indonesia, as one of the non-profit NGO, offers one event that would help volunteers to achieve those things at the beginning of their volunteering program. A welcoming party, an compulsory event which volunteers and interns should join to get to know each other. Making connections between the inner community is an excellent thing to do before everyone gives back to the outside community. 

Held on the second weekend of February, 8th-9th of February 2020, the welcoming party is arranged by the Human Capital interns, Tash, Jasmine, and Sam. It began with a seminar with Mr. Kukuh, who is the co-founder of about Project Management.

 After an hour, after moving to Omah Noto Plankton, everyone is gathered into their respective departments and have to perform in each department. From dancing to doing a play, everyone goes all out. 

One of the volunteers from the Drinking Water Program (DWP), Annas Izzulhaq, shares his thoughts about the welcoming party. Being in the third year of uni, he feels joining this volunteering program is a good opportunity for him.

“I start looking for an activity that is off-campus, and it is when I found Project Child Indonesia.”

The welcoming party also helps him to find different stories with divergent perspectives that he desires. “It was absolutely fun, I got so many things from the welcoming party, and it was such a good event.”

On Monday morning, everyone did yoga with Katherine as the instructor. Then, the volunteers, interns, and staff did river tracing. With two instructors guiding everyone, the activity actually gives an impact for everyone’s personal development. Annas stated, “I learn to compromise with the challenges in front of me, as the track is not what he expects and is quite hard.” However, he still considers it as a fun time with other volunteers. 

Another volunteer, Melisa Tanady from the Sekolah Sungai (SS) program, said the same thing. Melisa, who has been volunteering since last year (Batch 29), mentions that getting new friends is what she got from the welcoming party, although she is going to meet others throughout the program.

I will meet many people from here, including the volunteers and the interns.

Regarding personal improvement, she said she would accomplish many things such as teamwork, public speaking, and leadership from the program. 

Nevertheless, it was a warm welcome that everyone genuinely feels. It might be just a welcoming party for everyone in Project Child’s team, but it is also beginning before everyone embarks the journey for giving back to the community. 

Hal – hal seru jika kamu bergabung menjadi volunteer di Project Child Indonesia!

by Humaira Hasna (content writer intern)

Gimana sih rasanya jadi volunteer di Project Child Indonesia?

Menjadi bagian dari volunteer atau yang bisa kita sebut relawan  disuatu komunitas atau organisasi ternyata dapat memberikan banyak pengalaman, serta kamu juga dapat mengeksplor berbagai hal. Atau  mungkin saja kamu bisa bertemu dengan jodohmu jika ikut kegiatan ini!. Menjadi relawan itu menyenangkan, kamu akan dapat banyak relasi tentunya. Tidak salah kan jika kamu memiliki banyak teman yang sepemikiran denganmu yakni senang membantu sesama serta memiliki jiwa sosial yang tinggi. Terlebih lagi dengan anak-anak, bagi saya tingkahnya yang ekspresif justru memberikan semangat tersendiri untuk berinteraksi dan bersendau gurau dengan mereka.  Banyak hal hal seru yang bisa kamu ambil jika ikut andil dalam kegiatan relawan ini!

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they worthless, but because there are priceless – Sherry Anderson

  • Dengan kegiatan volunteer ini wawasan kamu akan bertambah

Mengikuti kegiatan volunteer kamu akan dapat pengetahuan mengeni lingkungan barumu. Kita juga dapat menambah pengetahuan mengenai culture dari teman barumu di berbagai daerah yang berbeda. Kegiatan Project Child ini bisa menambah list  destinasi liburan kamu  untuk mencari spot-spot foto dan tempat makan hits yang sebelumnya belum pernah kamu kunjungi bareng temen-temen, pacar, atau keluarga.

  • Banyak hal bisa kamu dapatkan

Banyak banget pelajaran yang diambil jika kamu mengikuti kegiatan ini. Kamu bisa belajar bertanggung jawab dengan tugas yang diberikan oleh kakak-kakak, belajar mensyukuri hidup, belajar sabar,  belajar menjalin komunikasi yang baik, semua hal bisa didapatkan dari volunteer ini untuk memberikan manfaat bagi oranglain serta bagi dirimu sendiri.

  • Friendship!

Istilah tak kenal maka tak sayang menjadi penting jika mengikuti kegiatan ini. Dengan bertemu dengan teman-teman baru kamu dapat sharing berbagai macam pengalaman-pengalaman mereka dan terlebih lagi teman-teman dari berbagai negara. Berbagi cerita mengenai banyak hal menjadi bonding tersendiri untuk menambah wawasan serta relasi yang luas.  Tentunya kamu dapat banyak relasi dan berguna banget untuk hidupmu kedepannya. Selain relasi kamu juga dapat mencari pasangan hidup loh. Jangan takut jika ingin bersosialisasi karena staff –staff Project Child sangat friendly dan baik. Kamu juga lebih bisa dekat dengan anak-anak kecil, karena secara tidak langsung bagi yang suka dengan anak anak  dapat memberikan moodbooster tersendiri bagi kita ketika lagi badmood atau galau abis diputusin pacar.

  • Keluar dari zona nyaman

Dengan mengikuti kegiatan ini,kamu akan banyak belajar hal-hal baru sehingga  cocok banget untuk kalian yang ingin cepat move on. Keluar dari zona nyaman sangatlah penting untuk mencari hal lain yang ada didalam diri kita. Daripada tidur-tiduran dirumah dan gabut lebih baik  ikut volunteer deh lebih berfaedah bagi hidupmu karena kegiatan ini dijamin asik dan seru.

Why Volunteer? Few Reasons to Consider

by Felix Prayogo

So, after you know what is volunteering, you still wondering, what will I get from giving away my free time and resources for something that’s free? Well, when you volunteer, you will get lots of benefit. You might not get salary or money to compensate with, but here are some of the reasons why you should volunteer.

  1. Volunteer live longer and healthier.Yep, you read that right. Volunteer tends to live longer and healthier than those who are non-volunteer. Dawn C. Carr, assistant professor at Florida University, said that “older people who volunteer remain physically functional longer, have more robust psychological well-being and live longer.” She also mentioned that these older people are those who are already did some volunteering when they were young, and some of them still doing it post-retirement. Also, for those of you who like numbers, United Health Care did a study in 2013 on people who volunteered in the past 12 months and found that 76 percent of them feel healthier, 94 percent said that it improve their mood, 80 percent said they have control over your body and 78 percent said that volunteering lover their stress levels. So, volunteering made you not only physically, but also mentally healthier.
  2. Volunteering is good for your career. Yes, it’s good for your career. For you who still studying in university or college, volunteering will help you in the eyes of recruiters. United Health Care, in the same study as above, found that 49 percent of those who are working and volunteering said that volunteering helped with their career in the paid job market. By volunteering, you will get a new experience, especially on practical work that recruiters usually need on their way to look for employees. Those are teamwork and several skills that are needed for the job you applying. You can also understand how to work directly because sometimes there are things that not been taught in classes and you can get it through volunteering. After working, the effect of volunteering also helped people to grow their career. 87 percent of those who said that volunteering helped their career, also said that volunteering developed their people and teamwork skills. 75 percent of the same people also said that it helped them with their time management. Volunteering can help improve your career skills.
  3. Volunteering help bring out your passion. Usually, you know what to do, or what you like to do. You probably like to meet lots of people and talking to them. You might like to teach children. You like to help people in needs. But you don’t get the space or place to do so. By volunteering, you can do what you want. You can volunteer as teacher for those who are still illiterate. You can talk with people in needs, motivate them to do well or to do things. You can help elderly in nursing house and hear their stories. It brings happiness out of you. You can also volunteer to give contribution to some issues you support. You can volunteer to plant trees at specific places as you are environmentalist, or you can volunteer as veterinarian to help animals adapting to their own habitat, etc. It can make you feel satisfied, as you are fulfilling something you encourage.
  4. Volunteering helps expanding your network. When you are volunteering, you meet lots of people from various background. Carr said that you might find people outside of your circle. Your friend inside your circle or in the same network as yours probably provide redundant information as they are doing the same activities and know the same people as you do. By volunteering, you expand your network to new people and new interests that these new people have. From there, you can get more option to continue your life, as lots of choices are given by people from your own circle and also from people you met when volunteering. That’s why volunteering might help you with your network.

There are lots of other reason that you might find inside yourself. So think deeply, what will I get if I volunteer? Is it for my present? Or for my future? More than just money or salary (which you won’t get anyway), there are lots of thing to explore for you while volunteering.

What is Volunteering?

by Felix Prayogo

Volunteering. Is it good? Is it bad? The classic stereotype that appears when you hear the word “volunteer”, according to Dummies, is someone who has lots of time to spare and is looking for something to do. While it’s correct, this stereotype is also misleading. Not everyone who is volunteering has lots of time to spare (consider some full-time office workers who volunteered in several non-profit organizations) and is looking for something to do (consider housewives with lots of housework to do).

So, what is volunteering? Merriam-Webster defined it as “a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service, such as (a) one who enters into military service voluntarily; (b) (1) one who renders a service or takes part in a transaction while having no legal concern or interest (2) one who receives a conveyance or transfer of property without giving valuable consideration”. Meanwhile Oxford Dictionary defined volunteer as “(1) a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task; (2) a person who works for an organization without being paid”.

From those two reliable sources, we can take some keywords. Those keywords are: voluntarily, freely, willingness, without being paid. As you might already know, while you are volunteering, there are some aspects to which you might want to sacrifice. Mostly you are sacrificing your time, energy and money. But, in returns, you get lots of benefits, from new experience, meeting new people, polish your resumes and, most of all, you enjoy something you love or passionate to.

So, volunteering is a good thing. While you might be doing something that takes lots of your resources, it also gives you new things to learn from. Whether it is for your enjoyment or for your resume, doing something for “free” can make you a better person. For those who still hesitate to volunteer, think of new experience you might get for something you need in the future. For those who are volunteering, this is your chance to show the world what you can give to the community. Lastly, for those who have already volunteered, you’ve done a great job and don’t forget to volunteer again for better future of you.

Things that We Need to Know before Becoming a Volunteer

by Ario B. Utomo

Let’s assume that you have read our article about the benefits of volunteering. You close your browser tab, rise from your comfy bed, and finally promise to yourself that you want to be a volunteer. So, what’s next? While having a good intention is an important start, it is also important to adjust yourself into the right mindset. Through an interview, our founder, Aya, shares some essential points that we need to understand before deciding to be a volunteer.

  1. We need to learn before helping. Emptying our glass is a key to every good deed. At this point, all prospective volunteers need to be mindful that volunteering is more like a chance to learn instead to give. In Project Child Indonesia, we provide our personnels with key learnings about voluntarism and some important teaching skills in order to make them become better volunteers in the future.
  2. Become a part of the solution. We know that everyone wants to be an impactful person, but we have to admit that some impactful things take a long time to achieve. Social problems are so complex that it is naïve to think that our volunteering will eventually solve every single problem. Therefore, we have to humbly acknowledge ourselves as a mere part of the solution instead of being trapped in a superhero syndrome. Always try to immerse yourself with the social system by listening to the people, because not every good intention is relevant with the real needs of the people.
  3. Random act of kindness is not enough. Not to say that random act of kindness is useless, not at all. However, we just cannot alleviate poverty by giving coins to beggars, or by giving free meals to the homeless on a specific day. As volunteers, we need to turn our simple efforts into a collective social movement. Creating a sustainable social cause is what we do at Project Child Indonesia, and by joining us, you can have a first-hand experience of it.