Doing Internship from Home: How Is It for The Interns?

by Dyah Prajnandhari (Content Writer Intern)

Doing an internship in Project Child Indonesia requires you to be at the office or working for your project for 20 hours per week. That means four hours on average on weekdays. It sounds easy for those who have the privilege of time as those interns in the Batch 30 now. 

It has been a month since the interns did their respective jobs. However, suddenly the world is hit with the COVID-19 virus. Before it got worse, everyone must not be at the office and work from home. How does this affect the interns that usually spend their time at the office? How do they overcome their boredom? How do they work on their projects away from the office?

Adjeng is one of the interns from Partnership department

One of the interns from the partnership department, Adjeng Tunjung Pamase, or known as Adjeng, expressed that she missed interacting with everyone. “At the office, I get to talk to other interns, do my tasks, or join clubs that PCI offers.” However, in this work from home situation, almost everyone is forced to do their jobs in front of their laptops, including Adjeng. Her deadlines are also becoming her thing to keep going, as her urge usually is just watching the interns working at the office. She explained further, “I still have the same amount of work, well, it adds a bit, but it’s still fine.” 

Niar is one of the intern from Human Capital department

The different situation is faced by Niar Maharani. Niar, who is from the Human Capital department, has to hold several projects because of the social distancing policy. “All of the clubs that I arrange have to be at the office, and we have to cancel all of that.” It is indeed an awful situation, but she understands.”After discussing with the supervisor, we have solutions for it. Therefore, it’s okay.” 

Both of them now have plenty of time to spend. Niar shared that she is doing her normal life as she is doing a revision for her thesis. “I also watch Korean Dramas to kill time. It helps a bit.” Adjeng, on the other hand, divides her time between her work and trying new things like joining online zumba classes. 

 Adjeng hopes that this will pass soon, and everyone can enjoy Ramadhan. She also wishes for the funding project that PCI holds to succeed as it will help those who are in vulnerable communities such as people who live near the Code, Gajahwong, and Winongo river. Same goes with Niar, she wants everyone to stay healthy despite being amid a pandemic. Our prayer goes with everyone. Cheer up!